Facial cleanser, acne, face wash, pH balanced, propolis

Propolis Facial Foam Cleanser (100ml)


REFRESHING & SMOOTH SKIN. Our éclat Cleansing Foam refines skin texture, smoothing out wrinkles while intensively cleansing and oxygenating the skin.


Our Propolis skin care is suitable for all skin types.

  • Cleansing is the 1st stage of the anti-ageing process.

    • Regular cleansing is essential to keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy.
    • Cleansing helps anti-ageing products and treatments work properly.
    • Cleansing helps maintain proper pore size.
    • Cleansing encourages proper skin hydration and prevents the production of excess oils.
    • Selecting a cleanser with a balanced pH will help maintain your skins natural balance.


    Our éclat Propolis Facial Foam Cleanser cleans deeply while smoothing, firming and regenerating the skin.


    Thanks to all natural plant ingredients combined with the amazing benefits and effect of Propolis,  our éclat Cleansing Foam revives the radiance of dull and tired skin with the greatest respect for skin pH balance