Our Major Difference  

Our main difference at Happy Beekeeping is we strongly believe being sustainable is not a choice but a way of life inspired by our happy bees in providing us with the most glorious food on earth. 

We hand-harvest every single frame of our honey, Ethically and Sustainably for you to enjoy guilt free.


We Are ALL Responsible For Safeguarding Our Bees and Our Future; Consumers and Producers alike!

We are grateful to our hard-working bees for helping to provide us with one of the most precious, nutritional, ancient foods on earth.

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Just As Nature Intended 

What is the Manuka?


The scientific name of Manuka is Leptospermum scoparium (Tea Tree) and it is commonly known in Maori as mānuka .


It is typically a shrub that can grow  between 2 to 6 m (7–16 ft) tall with usually white flowers, however, occasionally you may find pink or red manuka flowers.

Depending on the latitude and longitude, the manuka flowers during the months of September until November.


It is particularly located on the east coasts of the North and South Islands of New Zealand.


Each frame of honey is hand harvested and made by bees the way nature intended; unprocessed, unpasteurised and contains all its natural enzymes.

Our Sustainable


Ethical Practices

Our beekeeping practices are born from our endless passion attending and working with our happy bees. 

Our  vision is simply to contribute a sustainable world for us in New Zealand and for our future generations.


Our Happy Bees's Magnificient Premium Honey and New Zealand Manuka Honey

originates from our endless breathtaking hills of the North Island in NZ.