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The total Shipping cost of your order is based on the total weight.  However, the listed product prices include NZ TAX. Some Countries are Tax exempt!  If you have a specific request, please do not hesitate to drop us an email.

For our European customers, there is a maximum allowance of two Kilograms of honey per every order. This directive is set by the European Union Customs.


We are not allowed to ship to PO Boxes! Thanks

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Our Major Difference  

Our main difference is at Happy Beekeeping, we Hand-Harvest Every Single Frame of Our Honey, Ethically and Sustainably; 

No Matter How Hard or Time-Consuming it May Be.


We Are ALL Responsible For Safeguarding Our Bees and Our Future; Consumers and Producers alike!

We are grateful to our hard-working bees for helping to provide us with one of the most precious, nutritional, ancient foods on earth.

Just As Nature Intended 

Each frame of honey is hand harvested and made by bees the way nature intended; unprocessed, unpasteurised and contains all its natural enzymes.

Our Sustainable


Ethical Practices

are born from our endless PASSION for working with our happy bees. 

Our  VISION to contribute a sustainable world for future generations.


Our Bees Magnificient Premium Honey

originates from our endless hills of the North Island in NZ. 

If All you are tasting is Sweet, It May Not Be True Blossom Honey  

Pure honey is rarely perfectly clear and transparent. Our honey at Happy Beekeeping is slightly opaque which means the pollen hasn’t been filtered out, maintaining its original purity.


Most importantly, good honey, as in good wine, will have layers of flavour. While sugar and other sweeteners are simply sweet, honey can express floral, grassy, fruity or woody flavour notes.

Our Honey

All our honey and Manuka Honey are Certified and tested by an independent laboratory for grading and authenticity.


By Buying from us, you are not only buying an authentic New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey but you are also supporting a sustainable and Ehetical Beekeeping


HBK Ltd produces High Premium Quality New Zealand Manuka Honey.


All our products meet the Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) export requirements for Monofloral and Multifloral Manuka Honey




We extract it, bottle it and bring to you, pure, raw, unadulterated gold‐standard nourishment. Our honey is traceable directly from its source, guaranteeing you the finest premium quality – straight from our hives to your table.