Our Unique Story 

Discover Our Unique Story Behind One of the Leading Company in New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey and Natural Skin Care Products. 

Dr Isaac Flitta

It was more or less by chance I stumbled unsuspectingly into the magnificent world of bees when commissioned to design a new type of hive.

What began as just another design brief, has become an all-consuming passion.

Our Practices

Being true to nature reflects in everything we do from being

  • Innovative

  • Ethical

  • Sustainable

Happy Bees Equals Our Passion

The stripy little fellas have stolen my affection, and the art of assisting them in the making of delicious honey, with its almost magical health benefits, has stolen my life and I am so happy they did because since then, I never looked back! It is a journey like no others


Discover the World's Biggest Beehive

Those brave enough to enter the hive will discover first-hand how honeybees make our delicious honey.


Walk right inside to see the honeybees hard at work! Safe and fun for all ages.

Learn the difference between the workers, drones, and queen. Watch the queen lay her eggs. Observe the waggle dance! Safe and fun for all ages. 

We also offer booked school visits as well as a Beekeeping for Beginners course. Students of all levels (including pre-schoolers) will benefit from an educational visit to our hive.

The beekeeper will present a talk appropriate to the age group and is happy to tailor the presentation to suit a specific study unit.


Enquire now to hear about our affordable school visit package.

We also take bookings for community/tourist groups.

The hive opens from October until April Easter weekend



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For our European customers, there is a maximum allowance of two Kilograms of honey per every order. This directive is set by the European Union Customs.


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