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"Happy Beekeeping in
Partnership with Bees"

Our Unique Story

Discover Our Unique Story Behind One of the Leading Company in New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey and Natural Skin Care Products.

Dr Isaac Flitta in Canada

De Isaac Flitta, Head of Global Operations 
BEng (Hons), MPhil, MBA, PhD (UK)

Dr. Isaac Flitta is the CEO of Totika Health New Zealand and the visionary founder behind the Company's international expansion into Switzerland, Canada, and the USA.

Dr Isaac Flitta's expertise spans his Master of research in bioengineering, product and industrial design, and business administration. His entrepreneurial drive and commitment to natural wellness are the cornerstones of his company's devotion to creating superior bee-derived products.


Totika's international operations encompass sustainable beekeeping, manuka honey production, and global distribution of various outstanding offerings. These include the finest Manuka Honey, therapeutic Manuka Honey dressings for burns and wounds, and natural skin care products enriched with bee derivatives.

Dr Flitta harbours a deep-seated passion for bees, which he regards as one of nature’s most precious gifts. He shares, “These striped wonders have captured my heart, and the noble practice of aiding them in the creation of delectable honey, renowned for its near-miraculous health properties, has become my life’s work. I am overjoyed that they have, for I’ve never once regretted this path. It’s an unparalleled journey"


Happy Bees

Happy Beekeeping Floral Fertility Specialists, & Buzzing Business Partners

Bees hold a vital place on our team as we work and cohabit together in harmony with nature. Happy Beekeeping Limited, Totika Health Limited, and Éclat Skincare all rely on the partnership with our beloved buzzing workforce. These industrious insects play a critical role in pollination, which allows flowering plants to reproduce and thrive, creating a symbiotic relationship between bees, plants, and humans. Without bees, many of our favorite foods and products would not exist, and our ecosystem would be imbalanced. We are grateful for the joy and life they contribute to our health and wellbeing and recognize the importance of preserving their habitat and health for a sustainable and thriving future.

Totika Health nz manuka honey
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