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NZ Manuka Honey MGO 1050+ (UMF23+)

NZ Manuka Honey MGO 1050+ (UMF23+)

$165.00 Regular Price
$148.50Sale Price
Indulge in the pure and premium taste of our NZ Manuka Honey MGO 1050+ (UMF23+). Our honey is free from antibiotics and pollution, ensuring that you are consuming only the best quality and authentic product. Monofloral tested by a laboratory accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ), our Manuka Honey has a Methylglyoxal (MGO) rating of 1050+ (UMF23+) making it one of the most potent Manuka Honeys available. Enjoy the many health benefits and delicious taste of our premium Manuka Honey today
  • Customer Reviews

    • Alex Choice: October 2023:Google Review:

    We purchased the MGO 1050+, amazing stuff, I use it when I feel under the weather or sore throat. Completely takes the sore throat away. We also use it for burns, my partner severely burned himself when burning some rubbish. It took the pain away in a couple of hours and less scaring.


    • Lamia: July 2023: Google review

    I bought it for my mother who was doing chemotherapy, I recommend!

    • Linda Davis : June 2023: Google Review

    When I visited KeriKeri I was introduced to Manuka honey. I am allergic to honey at home USA but not Manuka honey. I love the flavor and the health benefits and at the store they were friendly and helpful. I am thankful that they ship to USA so I can get more. very worth the money.

    • Vanh Anothai: 2021: Google Review

    Great product and quality. I purchase the high quality MGO honey for my first add kit and it's amazing. Great for anything skin (even pimples) related burns, cuts So much better than anything you'll get from the Pharmacy

    • Jemma Douglas‎ Dargaville 31st Jan 2019

    I used active honey on my horses eye injury, it couldn’t be stitched due to swelling , these photos were only taken 10 days apart! I was worried about infection especially in the weather but there was no sign and has healed amazing! First photo in comments;-


    • Denise McCormack,Waipu, Northland25 Sep 2018

    The healing power of HBK honey

    Not only does this honey taste wonderful, it is a great healer too. I sustained a 2nd degree burn to my hand and applied the high manuka count honey to the burn on my hand. It healed perfectly with no scarring and I have full function in it. I could add a photo but it is a bit gruesome!;- 


    • Lynda J Pereira, Paihia, Northland NZ09 Sep 2018

    True active honey

    Thanks Isaac For this amazing honey that you and the bees bless NZ with, in fact we have taken it to Asia and Australia, My friends love it, I get numerous requests for it traveling between the countries, I haven’t found a more “true active” honey. I Look forward to my next bottle Thanks again

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