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Duo Manuka Honey MGO1050+ (UMF23+) & MGO250+(UMF10+)

Duo Manuka Honey MGO1050+ (UMF23+) & MGO250+(UMF10+)

$200.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price
Introducing our Duo Manuka Honey, featuring MGO1050+ (UMF23+) and MGO250+ (UMF10+). Our pure and authentic honey is MGO-certified and MPI-certified, ensuring the highest quality and active ingredients. Our honey is sourced from a single type of Manuka flower, making it monofloral certified by a laboratory accredited by International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ). Our plant and processes are also MPI-certified, guaranteeing a premium product from start to finish. Enjoy the rich taste and health benefits of our Duo Manuka Honey.
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