Active Manuka Honey, UMF10+, MGO250+, medicinal, helps with chemotherapy, healthy guts,  super food, nz Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey MGO 250+ (10+)


Strong Manuka taste

Stronger tasting than our other manuka honey with less MGO levels, retaining all the goodness of honey and high MGO content (+200mg/kg), It tastes almost like caramel and not too sweet with a soft toffee like texture, and some customers use it in face masks, because of its high anti bacterial qualities. A good honey to have in your cabinet in order to stave off colds and sort throats at the first sign of infection.

  • Ruth Crosbie,Stirling, Scotland, UK 05 Sep 2018

    Simply the best!

    As soon as you open the jar and see the rich caramel colour of this honey, you know you’re in for a treat. The intense flavour has almost toffee undertones. Never made it to my toast. Simply enjoy by the spoonful! Don’t waste your money on any other honey, buy the best and Happy Beekeeping Ltd really reigns supreme in the honey market.


    Sarah Doran,Waipu, Northland03 Sep 2018

    Delicious, healthy honey!

    Happy Beekeeping honey is very delicious.  We use it in cooking and baking.  It is a wonder cure for sore throats, coughs and colds.  The fact that it is a local source is important to us as we know where the honey came from whilst supporting a local business.  Thank you Happy Beekeeping for keeping us happy