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"Happy Beekeeping in
Partnership with Bees"

Our Unique Story

Discover Our Unique Story Behind One of the Leading Company in New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey and Natural Skin Care Products.

Dr Isaac Flitta in Canada

DR Isaac Flitta

Dr Isaac Flitta is the CEO of Happy Beekeeping Limited and Totika Health Limited, and the Co-CEO of Totika Distribution in Canada and the USA. He has worked with healthcare firms and academic institutions around the world.
Dr Isaac Flitta is a visionary leader and renowned expert in the fields of healthcare, research, and product design. As the CEO of Happy Beekeeping Limited and Totika Health Limited, and Co-CEO of Totika Distribution in Canada and the USA, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. With a background in bio-engineering, and MBA, Dr Flitta has worked with prominent healthcare firms and academic institutions across the world, earning a reputation for his unrivaled approach to innovation and research.

Dr Flitta's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for natural health are reflected in his companies' dedication to producing high-quality bee by-products. From beekeeping to production and distribution, we offer a range of exceptional products, including premium Manuka Honey, Manuka Honey burn and wound dressing, and natural skincare using bee by-products. Dr Flitta's tireless pursuit of scientific advances and groundbreaking discoveries continue to inspire his team and customers alike to achieve healthier and happier lives. Join us on this journey to natural wellness and discover the unparalleled power of bee by-products today.

Dr Flitta is passionate about bees, which he considers nature's gifts. He says: "The stripy little fellas have stolen my affection, and the art of assisting them in making delicious honey, with its almost magical health benefits, has stolen my life. I am so happy they did because I have never looked back since then! It is a journey like no others."

Happy Bees

Happy Beekeeping Floral Fertility Specialists, & Buzzing Business Partners

Bees hold a vital place on our team as we work and cohabit together in harmony with nature. Happy Beekeeping Limited, Totika Health Limited, and Éclat Skincare all rely on the partnership with our beloved buzzing workforce. These industrious insects play a critical role in pollination, which allows flowering plants to reproduce and thrive, creating a symbiotic relationship between bees, plants, and humans. Without bees, many of our favorite foods and products would not exist, and our ecosystem would be imbalanced. We are grateful for the joy and life they contribute to our health and wellbeing and recognize the importance of preserving their habitat and health for a sustainable and thriving future.

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