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mgo 100+(6+)

$25.00 each


$37.5 for TWO

Our Manuka Honey MG 100+ mg/kg OR 6+, has a creamy texture, intense and musky,  with a more glossy sheen. Truly the taste and looks f liquid gold. 


This honey has a stronger flavour, deeper and richer with a taste and aroma of the forest. Great for combining with cheese, or soothing coughs and sore throats, and of course perfect on breakfast cereal, smoothies or toast.


Each batch of our Manuka Honey is certified by an independent laboratory for the level of Strength; MGO and for Authenticity as a Mono-Floral Manuka Honey.


WE Hand-Harvest every single frame of our honey, Ethically and Sustainably. We are extremly grateful to our hard working bees for helping to provide us with one of the most precious, nutritional ancient foods on earth.


To say thank you to all our customers, we are offering a great deal on this honey. 


Buy 1 Get 2nd 1/2 price Manuka Honey MGO 100+.


Please enter  "WINTERDEAL25" in promo code at the check out :-).