Manuka and NZ Bush Honey (Manuka Blend)


Taste of summer
A beautiful golden blonde honey, with a soft, creamy texture, with clean rich finish.

Think soft caramel fudge, with a lingering, but not overpowering sweetness, tasting like sweet butterscotch. Floral, and vanilla flavours, truly a taste of summer on a sunny day.


This Manuka and Bush honey is delicious with waffles, thick Greek Yogurt and dates or in smoothies, or simply on your favourite porridge and toast.


We Hand-Harvested every single frame of our honey ethically and sustainably, We are grateful to our

hard-working bees for helping to provide us with one of the most precious, nutritional, ancient foods on


  • Customer Reviews

    Ingrid Godwin‎,Whangarei, Northland10 Aug 2018

    Wonderful honey.

    Isaac & Sarah sell their honey products at the market & we can't get enough of their wonderful honey. It's obvious that they love their bees & their products. My favourite is their new addition, the honey & bee pollen. It's a treat ! It's better than chocolate (which I love) & the fact that it's healthy is a bonus. We go to the market almost every saturday & never fail to buy our regular stock of honey.


    Willem Wevers,Auckland, Auckland23 Jul 2018

    Amazing delivery

    Thank you very much for the amazing delivery which took less than 24 hours. For many years I have a teaspoon of honey in my 1st cup of coffee for the day, I note from your literature never to put honey into hot water, I can probably assume this is to deactivation of some honey component, but I love my honey coffee !