Active Manuka Honey, UMF20+, MGO800+, medicinal, helps with chemotherapy, healthy guts,  super food,Manuka Honey $145.00Price

Certified Active Manuka Honey MGO 823+ (20+)


Strong Manuka Honey. MG 830+ (mg/kg) ( 20+) strong


in the recent laboratory test of this high active nz manuka honey, shows a significant increase in its MGO levels; up from 820+ to 860+ mg/kg.

latest test results:

  • DHA was 1290 mg/kg, NOW 1340 mg/kg (mean has the potential to increase further)
  • MGO was 823 mg/kg NOW 864 mg/kg
  • NPA was 19.9, NOW 20.5
  • HMF was 22 NOW 21 mg/kg


This honey has maximum high, special properties of the nz manuka honey called Methylglyoxal (MGO); responsible for a major component of the Manuka activity. This high mgo Manuka honey is safe to use, both externally or taken internally (to eat!). It has a wide range of applications and some of the skin complaints. When taken promptly, this high-grade mgo manuka honey is essential honey to have around in your cabinet. A powerful taste, and not too sweet.


  • Jemma Douglas‎ Dargaville 31st Jan 2019

    I used active honey on my horses eye injury, it couldn’t be stitched due to swelling , these photos were only taken 10 days apart! I was worried about infection especially in the weather but there was no sign and has healed amazing! First photo in comments;-


    Denise McCormack,Waipu, Northland25 Sep 2018

    The healing power of HBK honey

    Not only does this honey taste wonderful, it is a great healer too. I sustained a 2nd degree burn to my hand and applied the high manuka count honey to the burn on my hand. It healed perfectly with no scarring and I have full function in it. I could add a photo but it is a bit gruesome!;- 


    Lynda J Pereira, Paihia, Northland NZ09 Sep 2018

    True active honey

    Thanks Isaac For this amazing honey that you and the bees bless NZ with, in fact we have taken it to Asia and Australia, My friends love it, I get numerous requests for it traveling between the countries, I haven’t found a more “true active” honey. I Look forward to my next bottle Thanks again