Manuka Honey MGO 823+ (20+)

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Strong Manuka Honey. MG 830+ (mg/kg) ( 20+) strong


in the recent laboratory test of this high active nz manuka honey, shows a significant increase in its MGO levels; up from 820+ to 860+ mg/kg.

latest test results:

  • DHA was 1290 mg/kg, NOW 1340 mg/kg (mean has the potential to increase further)
  • MGO was 823 mg/kg NOW 864 mg/kg
  • NPA was 19.9, NOW 20.5
  • HMF was 22 NOW 21 mg/kg


This honey has maximum high, special properties of the nz manuka honey called Methylglyoxal (MGO); responsible for a major component of the Manuka activity. This high mgo Manuka honey is safe to use, both externally or taken internally (to eat!). It has a wide range of applications and some of the skin complaints. When taken promptly, this high-grade mgo manuka honey is essential honey to have around in your cabinet. A powerful taste, and not too sweet.


MGO Levels