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We lose approximately 30,000-50,000 cells per hour!

Updated: Feb 27, 2018

and it’s absolutely normal!

Wow, I panicked when I first heard that statement while studying for my Diploma in "Organic Skin Care Formulation"

Our old (dead) skin cells are continuously flaking away on the surface, luckily brand-new ones are also continuously forming below the surface of the skin; pushing their way up toward the outer layer of the skin.

If you can imagine, our skin is more or less similar to an organic protective waterproof coat; it is after all the largest organ. One of its primary function, is to protect the living cells from dry air. These cells, also known as Stratum Basale, contain 80% water.

It takes around 4 weeks for the outer layer of our skin (epidermis) to be completely replaced, although this process starts to slow down as we get older.

This is important to bear in mind when you use natural skin care products, such as

éclat, it will usually take approximately 25-50 days to see the results.

To maintaining healthy skin, another thing to remember prior to using any skin care product, is the importance of daily cleansing, mornings and nights.

As our skin regenerate during the night, regular skin cleansing in the morning, is important to remove residues of night cream and dead cells. Cleansing at night will remove all the bacteria, pollutants, makeup and creams, that you applied during the day and prepare the skin for rejuvenating night creams.

Without daily cleansing, your skin would be covered with a thick layer of dirt and grime, making it appear oily, greasy and aged from clogging the pores of the skin. This could result redness, dryness and irritation.

Furthermore, daily face cleansing and regular use of moisturisers, helps your skin to stay hydrated. Dehydrated skins looks tired and feels dry, inflamed, rough and rugged.

The daily cleansing helps balance the skin pH levels to provide sufficient moisture to maintain a balanced healthy skin.

Your daily skin care checklist should include

We are also excited to provide a product with 100% all-natural ingredients, Propils Foam Cleanser. The surfactant (Foaming agent) in our product is derived from coconut oil and corn sugar and completely biodegradable.

We use exclusively ECOCERT approved preservative (approved for organic products) that has proven moisturising effects, is GMO free and not tested on animals.

Propolis in our products is from our hives, infused in Pharmaceutical grade organic vegetable Glycerine. Read more about the amazing effects of other ingredients here and try it.

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