BANANA AND HONEY ICE CREAM RECIPE. No need of an ice cream maker

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Homemade banana ice cream is the easiest thing to make; and you don’t need a fancy ice cream maker machine, all you need is a food proce

ssor and a few ingredients. The words ‘healthy’ and ‘ice cream’ don’t usually go together in the same sentence, but in this case they do! For a dairy-free option, replace the yoghurt/cream with coconut cream or coconut yoghurt...

SERVES— 3-4 | PREP— 5 minutes + 8 hours freeze time


  • CALORIES 141Kcal | 598kJ

  • CARBS 31.3g

  • SUGAR 15.4g

  • TOTAL FAT 1.1g

  • PROTEIN 1.9g

INGREDIENTS bananas 3 large ripe, peeled and sliced thick Greek yoghurt ¼ cup vanilla essence or extract 1 teaspoon raw honey 2 tablespoons

METHOD Place bananas in a dish lined with baking paper and freeze overnight or at least 8 hours until frozen hard.

Thaw bananas for 5 minutes (this will make it easier to blitz) and place in food processor with yoghurt, vanilla and honey. Process until smooth and the consistency of ice-cream.

Serve immediately or return to freezer until ready to serve.

By Dr Isaac Flitta

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