Nicola Moeller

Manuka Honig-Liebhaber!!!

Freunde aus NZ haben uns in 2019 einen Honig und Bonbons von Happy Beekeeping zum Geschenk gemacht, und für uns war es Liebe auf den ersten Bissen! Seitdem sehen wir immer zu, dass uns die Vorräte nicht ausgehen. Qualität und Geschmack sind in jeder Hinsicht topp, Preis und Leistung stehen in gutem Verhältnis zueinander, und wir freuen uns, ein kleines authentisches Unternehmen in Aotearoa unterstützen zu können. Und schließlich noch der überaus freundliche Kontakt zu Isaac und seinem Team - all das macht richtig Spaß! Große Empfehlung von uns für alle (Manuka-) Honig-Liebhaber!!!

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Germany 02 Jan 2021

Salome Molinero

The best manuka honey

The best manuka honey that I tried,very healthy and good quality,I recomend you!

Hus Jeram

Great Service

Great product and great service back-up. Thanks

excellent trade received next day enjoy honey thanking you

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NZ 03 Sep 2020

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NZ 13 Dec 2020

Nadia Rainers

Love the 400+

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Spain 01 Jan 2021

Found out about this wonderful honey at the GreyLynn markets and haven’t looked back. Love the 400+ and take teaspoon a day and use it in wounds it’s fantastic also love the ginger & Manuka lozenges

Jill Jackson

excellent trade

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NZ 24 Sep 202

Louise Davey

Simply wonderful

We came upon this wonderful shop completely by sheer accident whilst on the search for a particular product but we are so glad we did. Isaac and Sara are passionate about their bees and products and the quality of their products are exceptional. We had the wonderful experience of going into the hive with Isaac and he spent time explaining all about them and how a hive works. We purchased products from the shop at the time and are delighted with all our purchases. There was a slight problem with the internet at the time and we ended up paying twice for our products, although we thought one transaction had been cancelled at the time. Unfortunately the refund had not gone through, however after emailing Isaac a week later after we go home to the UK, he could not have been more helpful and sorted out our refund promptly. I highly recommend visiting Isaac, his bees and his shop. I will definitely look to order online from him, in the future.

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UK 05 March 2020

Elisabeth Steel

Nutritious, Delicious Honey worth Gold

Isaac's honey is worth gold. It's packed full of rich anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help heal the body and slow down ageing. The bee pollen, ginger and latest blackcurrant varieties all taste amazing. Now with renewed energy levels, I look and feel so much younger than I am. Isaac's honey is one of my secret health ingredients to fully appreciate a much better quality of life. Isaac's honey was instrumental in helping my mum through cancer.

Jo Kirby
 Manuka Honey MGO800+

One of my horses has managed to injure himself in his paddock, the result of which is a pretty nasty flap being torn off his heel. I contacted Isaac and have been plastering the wound with HBK's NZ Manuka Honey 800+ and wrapping it, changing the dressing every two days. The results are pretty incredible thus far & the wound is clean and is healing really well. Special thanks to Isaac for his very prompt service in delivering the product to me so that I could start using it without delay.

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NZ 18 Feb 2020

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NZ 03 Feb 2020