We are truly passionate about sharing our range of products.   We know that so many people appreciate our product range and our Happy Bee practices. That's why we are building a global network of HBK ambassadors and distributors who are as enthusiastic about deliciously healthy honey and our range of 'all natural' skincare products as we are.   


Now is the time to make the most of this opportunity.  


Depending on how you want to work with us, please select from one of the forms below,


Would you like to join our team? We'd love to help make it happen. 


There are so many local retailers and shops in your district that will benefit from our premium quality products.  Join our growing number of national and international HBK agents.


HBK Agents are our brand ambassadors creating markets and promoting HBK Honey and its' products.  Every sale you make receives commission, paid to you monthly.  We take care of all of the sales contracts, money transfers and import/export requirements, leaving you free to concentrate on the sales and customer care. 


If you would like to earn extra cash or turn it into a full time career promoting HBK it's possible to become an agent today.


Would you like to become a distributor? We'd love to help make it happen. 


If you already have sales outlets in place in your town, city or country, we would love you to become our distributor. 


Becoming an HBK Distributor is simply believing in our passion and brand to produce premium highest quality honey in New Zealand with ethical and sustainable beekeeping practices.


We will support you with providing our products at competitive, introductory wholesale rates, so you can start to supply to your own clients. Grow your business knowing you are choosing not only one of New Zealand’s finest Manuka honey producers, but also a company that prides itself on producing honey ethically and sustainably.  Minimum order quantities apply.